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Astrological signs on ancient clock Torre dell'Orologio, Venice, Italy. Medieval Zodiac wh
Image by Josh Rangel


How would a reading help you?
In this reading, we can take a glimpse at what themes will be highlighted in your life for the next few years by using many timing techniques in my delineation. Through this process, one can discover how to prepare for upcoming life events. What habits to avoid and what opportunities to take advantage of. Additionally, we can learn your strengths or areas that require more focus and attention in this incarnation. Here, we peer into a multitude of life areas such as; career, school, family, love, money, home, environment, friendships, talents and motivations. 

By interpreting the current astrological forecast, we can look at how this is personally affecting you and your present circumstances. The ongoing cycles of planetary placements impact every individual differently. This can explain why some people are going through more rough patches than others at certain times. 


When filling out the booking form, please indicate one or two specific topics or questions you want me to focus on. Prior to our meeting, I take the time needed to research your charts; natal, progressed, solar arc and current transit bi-wheel. During the reading, you and I will have a deep conversation concerning what I found. I will answer any subsequent questions that you may have.

What can you expect from a personalized report?

  • After making an analysis,  I type up a  full report for your own keeping.

  • Following our session, I will send you the full written report via e-mail.


Additionally, I will also send to you the recording* of our session on Zoom and PNG images of your charts. I have a great deal of passion for this work and I look forward to showing you how outstanding you are! 

*The recording of the session is optional and requires your verbal consent.

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