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Frequently asked questions:

What kind of astrologer are you?

I study and use modern, western astrology; also known as tropical astrology. Tropical astrology, highlights definitive analysis of a birth chart and the use of timing techniques to delineate what parts of your life are beneficial to your personal growth; which transits will be important to pay attention to; and what topics they will enhance. 


What can I do to make the most out of a reading?

An optimal astrology reading should be read by way of having a conversation. Receiving engagement such as questions or confirmative responses from my clients during the reading makes the experience much more enriching. It would benefit client if they came into the reading with a few topics and questions in mind so that we can productively work together to see what areas of your life need attention and how to improve them. 

Can you really see my future?

Astrology is used to identify concentrated themes or topics occurring at certain times of your life, describing how those circumstances will personally affect you. I can never tell you that something very specific will most certainly happen at a very specific time. However, I can give you some some validation of what you're currently experiencing and some hope for the future, or heads up for any upcoming obstacles or lessons that you may have to endure. As an example; if Pluto is currently squaring your natal Pluto by transiting your fourth house in the sign of Capricorn; I will ask you how your home life is. Is your house undergoing some deep renovations at the moment? I can see that it's been a huge struggle and possibly putting a huge strain on family life, and your marriage. I can also see, that it will eventually become easier (around this month and year). It will be worth all of the struggle when it's over (around this month and year). Pluto destroys, but also makes huge transformations and will possibly give you an opportunity to create a whole new home, leaving you feeling much stronger and more empowered by going through all of that chaos. 

I love the way Astrology validates our feelings and struggles. Without this validation, one can feel like they're a failure, giving them a heavy sense of grief or wondering if they should even continue. The way astrology shows us that there's a reason why we had to go through all of these lessons, makes our lives feel more important and encourages us to keep going. I believe there is a god, and I believe he loves us and has a plan for each of us. 

Ethics Statement:

I use astrology as a tool to study the timing and natural cycles of the world that surrounds us. I understand it adequately enough to serve the public with. I can only give readings to people who want them. I never violate the privacy of clients or anybody else in their lives. I can record the reading but, only if I have your consent first. If you consent to your reading being recorded, I will only send the recording to you and subsequently delete it after you confirm that you have received it. In a  astrological consult, I use ancient timing techniques and chart evaluation, relating that information back to the client. The best possible outcome of a consultation is to assure the client that tough times don't last forever. I aim to relieve them of the negative pressures that life has given them by validating their struggles and highlighting the more positive and promising aspects of their life. I always want the client to walk away from the reading feeling more hopeful for the future and grateful for what they have learned in the past. I want to show the client how these lessons can serve them and other people in their lives in positive ways. 

I am not a psychologist nor a medical doctor, therefore the information provided in consult does not, and is not intended to, constitute as medical, legal, or financial advice. Any concerns that you have pertaining to these issues should be considered through a provider of those services. 

Are these sessions confidential and is my information protected?

Yes, and yes. Your privacy is important to me and I respect the information provided to me in order for me to provide services. What’s said in session stays in session. Please see my privacy policy for more information.

Refund Policy:

  • No show: no refund.

  • I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.

  • I reserve the right to consider refunds on a case by case basis.

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