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The Full Story

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In a nutshell,

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I’m a Libra sun and Cancer moon. Among many other things, this means; I am a kind, friendly, caring, people pleaser. I am a Scorpio Rising, so my whole life is Ruled by Pluto in Scorpio in the 12th house; a life full of personal growth and transformation especially when it concerns matters of spirituality, imagination, fantasy and the ethereal realms.


I am a Skier. I was introduced to skiing at the age of 4 years old. It was our family sport growing up and I've continued the activity by teaching it to my own children just recently. I'm not into racing or competing, but I like a steady blue trail amongst beautiful scenery.


I’m a world traveler.  I spent the first 20 years of my life growing up in the Maritime Canadian Province of New Brunswick. Then I spent the next ten years of my life living in over 9 different cities around Europe and Canada. I still yearn to explore, but only for short visits, my Nomadic days are long over.


I am married to an Aries and I am a Mother of a Scorpio and a pair of Gemini twins. I went through my spiritual awakening after my children were born, I also re-established my inner child's creative side.


I am an entertainer. From a very young age I have been captivated by the performing arts. After High school I studied Video and Television Production. I worked for various film and television studios in my 20's. I wrote a sitcom pilot for CBC, and I created an animated series for my YouTube Channel about Astrology. I am currently studying the skill of Voice Acting.  

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I am someone who is very in tune with my emotions and sympathetic to others' feelings. I can usually feel how others are feeling and sometimes what they're thinking. I used to think I was just understanding, but It took me decades to discover that this is known as being intuitive and psychically aware.


I love trying new things and have an adventurous palette. I love sipping on tea, especially chai and love asian cuisine, especially Indian. Even when cooking at home, I like to use a wide variety of herbs and spices.


AND of course,


I’m an AstrologerSpiritualist and Empath. I love life. I feel like I've lived many lifetimes even within this current one. In the future, I am looking forward to meeting with you to see just where I can be of assistance.


As above so below,


Rachel Ames

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